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Mirage Waterless Grass™ Works Everywhere and Looks Great!


Professional sod installations can often cost up to $1-2 per square foot (more with the cost of underground sprinklers), and this price tag continues growing as mowing, watering, weeding, thatching, fertilizing, over-seeding and yard equipment are needed. By installing Mirage Waterless Grass™ - which is virtually maintenance-free - you'll save money year after year.

With Mirage Waterless Grass™, you can have a beautiful lawn all year long that is virtually maintenance-free. Can you imagine looking out over a professionally manicured green lawn every day that doesn't require any mowing, watering or chemicals, regardless of the weather?

The residential and commercial applications for Waterless Grass™ are practically unlimited. As the cost of maintaining a yard continues to rise, an increasing number of people are looking for an economical solution and synthetic grass is their answer. In most cases, with basic customer care, coupled with a periodic application of a our special UV-enhancement treatment, Waterless Grass™ can last up to 20 years (with the exception of highly intense UV desert climate areas.)


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