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Custom Putting Greens

Panel Greens

A perfect solution for the individual that wants a custom green yet plans to personally tackle the installation. Panel Greens from Lazy Gecko Custom Putting Greens combine award-winning Mirage Tour Putt synthetic turf with the ease-of-installation found with the Tour Links system.


For a golf environment that looks and feels like natural grass, Lazy Gecko Custom Putting Greens uses the award-winning Mirage Turf System.

The Mirage Turf System was introduced in September, 1998 by Dale G. Potts. An avid golfer himself, Dale moved from the midwest to Scottsdale, Arizona, where the weather permitted him to enjoy this sport virtually year round. Shortly after the move, Dale installed a real "bent-grass" putting green in his own backyard. 

"I thought my real grass putting green would be maintenance-free. Little did I realize that I would have to mow it 4 to 5 times a week, buy a special 'tiff blade' mower, aerate the green, overseed it once a year, and constantly spread it with different types of chemicals. It was a real nightmare! Because of the high maintenance, what I really needed was a full-time greenskeeper!"


After about a year of fighting the maintenance of his real bent-grass putting green, Dale decided to remove it and install a synthetic putting green in his backyard.

The turf material available at that time was all based on the same premise - they all needed deep layers of sand and top dressing to make the fibers stand upright. It didn't take long before he became frustrated with certain "quirks" associated with his new synthetic putting green:


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